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Kissing Doves Stencil

Rose Stencil 29QC

Feather Border & Corner Stencil 513QC

Ripple Border 3" Stencil #EK54QC

Stencil, HH Design #11

Stencil, Promise 7" RB42

Stencil, Promise Border 3.5"" RB44

Sheep Counter Stencil #WM10

Mouse Stencil EL33QC

Rope Wreath Stencil

Rope Wreath Stencil

Sunbonnet Chain Stencil EL38AC

9" Victorian Valentine HS107QC

Baby Rattle Stencil Border LG1QC

Daisy Stencil HW21

Apples Stencil RB34QC

Thimbles & Thread Stencil

Dancing Dolphins Stencil HS99QC

Double Bud Border EK6

Border Hop Stencil HW102

Dream Boat Stencil HW90

Angel Stencil RB54

Flying High Stencil HW91

Triangular Designs Stencil EK020

Cat and Mouse Stencil VN3

Quilt Label Tulip Stencil

Happy Cat Border

Braided Circle Stencil #740

Border w/Corner Stencil

Mini Border Stencil

Holly Border Stencil #EL22

Border w/Corner Stencil

Circle Echo Small BS176

Pretty Pony Stencil #HW105

Border Stencil 723QC

Butterfly Border Stencil HW144

Angel Stencil #698

Star Cable Stencil #804

Heart Echo Stencil BS182

Puzzle Background Stencil BS191

Feather Heart Stencil #359

Feather Circle Stencil #340 5-1/2"

7-1/2" feather Circle Stencil

Quilt Labels Stencil

10" Feather Circle Stencil #241

12" Feather Circle Stencil #521

Buck's Boat Stencil HS171

Shangrila Stencil WM68

6" feather Circle Stencil

7" Feather Circle Stencil

2" Feather Border Stencil

4.5" Dragonfly Stencil EL48

4" Three Cats SCL-218-04

Tulip/Norse Triangle

5 IN Boot Scootin Border MA1601

3" Border/ 10" Block BC1818

Leaf Sketch Stencil

Majesty Stencil

Rose Stipple Stencil EL32QC

Corner Hearts Stencil TB49

2.5" Floral Stencil QCR143

Feather Circle Stencil #405

1" Mini Border Stencil #607

8" Feather Circle Stencil #341

2-1/2" Scrolling Hearts Border EL66

Scalloped Lace 9" Stencil BR40

Scalloped Lace 9" Stencil BR38

Heart Stipple Stencil EL44

Feather Circle Stencil NS37

Freeform Border Stencil EK55

Flower Stencil RF31

Feather Heart Full Line Stencil

Boo Family EL108 Stencil

Bertie Bat EL109 Stencil

Boo EL112 Stencil

Interlude HW165 Stencil

Follow Your Dreams Stencil HW225

Paisley Block LD23 Stencil

Leaf Stencil MB150

Northwoods Border Stencil VN136

Feather Design Stencil

Cable Border w/Corner Stencil #371

Flowers & Swirls Stencil #834

Leaf Wreath Stencil #949

Leaf Border Stencil

Bleeding Heart Border Stencil

Tulip Border Stencil

Snowflake Stencil EL2

Lamb Stencil #102

Butterfly Wholecloth Stencil NH51

Doily Stencil NH63

4" Feather Border Stencil WM52

Tuscan Vine Stencil TB72

Tuscan Vine Stencil TB71 7"

Feather & Heart Bor Stencil BC1626

Feather Circle 5 1/2" QCR174

Feather Design 6" QCR376

Feathered Heart Stensil #113

Large Stipple Stencil

Cats at Play Stencil EL192 6"

7.5" Lily Leaf Stencil TB89

5.5" Holly Chain BDR Stencil TB77

6" Goldfinches & Sunflowers EL199

Fairy Wings Medallion EL180 Stencil

5.5" Lily Leaf Stencil TB88

7" Fence Stencil TB92

Fairy Wings Border Stencil EL183

11" Feather Square Stencil - NH204

8" Plume Wreath Stencil - EK71

Dovetail EK23

Pine Bough 7" EL219

Pine Branch Border 6" EL222

Mohair Boucle Border 4" EL228

Casablanca 9" HW164

Canter Border 4 1/2" R5109

Stetson Border 5" MA1602

Scrolling Hearts Border 3 1/2"

Always Stencil 4"

Arabesque Stencil 7" SCL-241-07

Feather Wreath Stencil 4" SCL-033-04

Feather Circle Stencil 12"

Meandering Leaves Stencil 8"

Meandering Daisy Stencil 8"

Rose Stencil 5" SCL-230-05

Sweet Hearts Stencil 6"

Scrolling Daisy Stencil 7"

Feather Scallop Border 4" SP74

Wisteria Block #2 UEW140

8" Meandering Leaves LD1

4" Hawaiian Holiday Sashng UEW450

3" Feather Border W1049

5" Feather Blocks W1629

9" Casablanca HW164

3" Independence Day UEW414

4" Mohair Boucle Border EL228

8" Feather Block Day84

Peacock Plume Cut-Apart #PC1920

2" Feather Border W1343

Sailboat Stencil DRI3336

Stencil Plane & Clouds DRI3337

Stencil 6" To The Meadow QCRFC7

Rose Corners QCRFC26 7" & 10"

Graceful Lily QCRFC27 5"

Tropical Vine 9" QCREL286


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