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Top Rod (Landscape Medley) #5006 Green
This is a great coordinate for this group of fish fabrics. It is a underwater green tone with different sized rocks allover it. The print runs from selvedge to selvedge and is directional. If you were using it for a border, you would want to purchase the length so you can cut it parallel to the selvedge. From Elizabeth's Studio.
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Ref # Fab026258      $11.45 yd         Quantity:  

Landscape Medley 357 Gray
This fabric is a slightly mottled taupe with brown striped lines running parallel to the selvage. The brown lines are 1/4" apart.
by Elizabeth's studio

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Ref # Fab026440      $11.25 yd         Quantity:  

Beautiful Birds 4311-Cream Branches
The background is cream and the overlay has brown branches with numerous green leaves over the fabric. It is from the Beautiful Birds Collection.
By Elizabeth's Studio

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Ref # Fab026671      $11.95 yd         Quantity:  

The Honey Tree Panel - Black
This bear panel has six 10 1/2" square blocks and the panel is 2/3 yd. The bears are either in trees or among the trees with colorful leaves and backgrounds.
by Elizabeth's Studio

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Ref # Fab0027034      $11.95 yd         Quantity:  

The Honey Tree Allover - 6901E - Green
This fabric is covered with different sizes of bears in their forest environment in the summertime. The cubs are 1" in size and the adult bears are 2"-3" in size.
by Elizabeth's Studio

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Ref # Fab0027035      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

In Motion EST-144 Red
The re, black and yellow fabric is a mini flame design. By Elizabeth's Studios
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Ref # Fab030688      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Blue Running Rapids 552
River rapids running over rocks.
By Elizabeth's Studios

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Ref # Fab030744      $11.75 yd         Quantity:  

Tender Moment Scenic 9608 Green
This summer scene with green foliage, butterflies and flowers has the mother bear caring for her cubs. By Elizabeth's Studio
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Ref # Fab031324      $11.75 yd         Quantity:  

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