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It is almost impossible to accurately describe what is in each book. If you would like a better description or are looking for something in particular, please email us and we'd be happy to send a picture of the index page or describe the projects included.

The Runaway Quilt
The Runaway Quilt. From Penguin Putnam. Item #28398-1.
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Make Your Own Quilt Labels! Volume 2
Make Your Own Quilt Labels! Volume 2. By Kim Charbuck.
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Christmas Quilts & Crafts
Over 30 easy to make projects to brighten your holidays included in this book. From Eleanor Burns/Quilt in a Day.
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Feathers That Fly
This book tells you how to design, mark and machine quilt feather motifs. Take the intimidation out of machine quilting classic feather motifs with this easy-to-follow handbook. Discover a new technique in each chapter, along with projects for practice. Choose from 14 projects that show you how to quilt straight-spine feathers, plus wreaths, curves and cables.
By Lee Cleland for That Patchwork Place

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EQ5 Simplified
An easy learning guide that uses a visual approach; which is perfect for quilters who would rather sew than read instructions. This book is for use with EQ5 software. By Fran Iverson Gonzales for The Electric Quilt Company.
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EQ5 Drawing
Master EQ5's drawing tools and learn to draw the kinds of blocks you've admired in magazines and quilt shows. From The Electric Quilt Co.
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EQ5 Block Book
Use this book to guide you through the 3100 blocks in EQ5. Includes special categories like paper piecing, quilting stencils and applique motifs. By The Electric Quilt Co.
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Log Cabin Christmas Wreath Wallhanging
A great pattern for a 32" square wreath wallhanging. From the Quilt in a Day Series.
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Foolproof Curves
Finally curved seams made easy! Makes sewing curves fun and easy with 2 totally different approaches. By Barbara Butler.
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Fast Fabric Bowls
Step by step directions for making the fabric bowls with timtex. Includes ideas for several shapes and how to manipulate the fabric to achieve the look you want.
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Embroidery Machine Essentials
Quilting using an embroidery machine is a great way to finish quilts. The automated stitches of an embroidery machine and its ability to hold layers together make it perfect for quilting. By Linda Turner Griepentrog for Krause Publications.
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EQ 5 Color Book
EQ 5 Color Book
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EQ5 Quilt Design Book
EQ5 Quilt Design will give you a firm grounding in quilt design basics, including using Custom Set and the Graph Pad. You'll also find it filled with illustrated border, layout and setting ideas you'll refer to again and again as you work on your own. Choose from easy, intermediate, and advanced lessons.

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Pajama Party
Make a pair of pajamas from your favorite matter how crazy the print or color combination. Full sized patterns are ready to trace and detailed instructions will take you step by step through the design and construction of each project. By Cindy Taylor Oates for Taylor Made Designs.
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PE Design Version 6 Guidebook
Technique book for PE-Design and Palette Version 6 Digitizing. By Cynthia Hogan.
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Delectable Mountains
A hardcover book from Earlene Fowler. When the musical director of Benni Harper's church is called away, Benni finds herself volunteered to take over a children's play already in rehearsal. But the production comes to a screeching halt when Benni discovers the badly beaten body of the church handyman right in front of the altar. With a growing cast of suspects, and a small girl as the only witness to the crime, Benni must unravel a plot of theft and murder before it's curtains for her.

Sale--was 23.95

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Traditional Two-Block Units
Over a dozen projects. Learn how to create the appearance of sashing & circles from straight lines through the combination & rotation of particular blocks. Suitable for all skill levels. By Sally Saulmon.
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Peppermint & Hollyberries
By Nancy Halvorsen
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Machine Embroidery on Paper
If you have ever wanted to try this technique, this will be the book to help you. Embellish scrapbook pages as well as making little signs. The possibilities are endless.
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The Bishop's Daughter
Leona is Bishop Jacob Weaver's daughter and a dedicated teacher in a one-room Amish schoolhouse. After her father's tragic accident, Leona's faith wavers. How could God allow something like this to happen to one of His servants? What secrets will be revealed and what miracles await God's people in Lancaster County?
Sale--was 9.97

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Embroidery to Embellish Everything
Embellish everything from keepsake notebooks to bathrobes to jeans and baby wear. Learn to use embroidery for it all.
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Twosey-Foursey Quilts
Simplify the way common patchwork shapes are made with this clever technique. Written by Cathy Wierzbicki.
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PE-Design 7 Class Notes
Created by Cindy Hogan.
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3 Little Kittens
...who lost their mittens! Use brights, abstracts, reproductions, etc. for the 5 projects in this book. Hand applique or machine applique, the choice is yours, but plan to have a fun time! By Darcy Ashton.
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Charming Bags
All projects require charm squares, fat quarters, 1/4 yds., or 1/2 yds. Instructions for 11 bags and wallets not just for your purse but for cell phones and ipods too! From Whistlepig Creek Productions.
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EQ6 Pieced Drawing
Companion Book 3: Exercises in Pieced Block Design. Simple methods make learning to draw in EQ6 fun and easy. Learn the basics from a pro, and then design like one! By Patti R. Anderson for The Electric Quilt Company.
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EQ6 Block Book
Companion Book 1: An Illustrated Guide to the Block Pattern in EQ6. Find blocks quickly by flipping through book pages rather than scrolling through files; after all there are only 4,100 EQ6 blocks! By The Electric Quilt Company.
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Beyond The Basics Quiltmaking
If you've mastered quilting basics, you are probably ready to learn more techniques! This book includes 11 new projects designed to increase your confidence. By Kathy Delaney.
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Piping Hot Curves
Accent those curves in your quilt with piping! Warning: This technique may become addictive. By Susan Cleveland.
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Easy Traditional Quilts Stars
Making a Star quilt is easy and fun. All patterns feature 8-pointed stars and simple instructions. This 32-page book is written by Christine Meunier.
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Adventures in Circles
Put circles in all your projects!! This book shows you the latest tricks for cutting and sewing circles. Also includes eight different projects to utilize your new skills. Add some embellishments and your off. Have fun with these projects. From Leigh McDonald and That Patchwork Place.
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Miniature Double Wedding Ring
This book includes the templates to make the miniature double wedding ring. It includes instructions for planned, scrap, seamless arc and a ring bearer pillow for the 9-1/4" circles. Also included are instructions for Glorified Nine patch, orange peel, robbing peter to pay paul in 7" circles. From Quilting from the Heartland.
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Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing
A great reference tool to get you on the path to dyeing your own fabrics. Easy to follow instructions with supply lists. From Lynn Koolish and C & T Publishing.
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Memory Quilts
Signature quilts, photo quilts and t-shirt quilts -- it has ideas for all. Create the perfect quilt for someone special.
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Celtic Fantasy (Rhapsody Quilts)
Make a spectacular new Rhapsody quilt with Ricky Tims' Celtic Fantasy. The book contains a full size freezer paper pattern plus 9 quilt "skeletons" and 25 Celtic applique designs. For complete instructions on making a Rhapsody quilt, see Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts (Book001342). This book is design companion vol. 3 to Ricky Tims' Rhapsody quilts.
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The Rest is Easy
The book contains Twelve exciting quilt patterns that are constructed using triangle foundation grids from the Triangulations 2.0 disc. There also is alternate cutting instructions provided for quilters who choose traditional triangle construction methods. By Brenda Henning- Published by Bear Paw Productions.
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Instruction Book Brother #634
Instruction manual for overlock sewing machine model 534D. By Brother.
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The Sewing Revolution Inst. Book
This books contains instructions for the sewing revolution ruler, along with a few patterns for it.
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Super Simple Quilts #3
Nine all-new Super Simple quilt projects with Alex Anderson and Liz Aneloski. These projects offer 3 new designs in 3 sizes and 3 colorful fabric styles. One supply list is all you need to create all 9 quilts!
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Color-Splashed Quilts
This book contains 7 beginner-friendly projects with complete instructions for cutting, piecing, and applique. Playful designs feature fruit, flowers, ice skates, elephants and more. Includes patterns for easy fused applique. By Carol Burniston
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Positively Pineapple
Create a warm and inviting welcome to your home with quilts from "Positively Pineapple." The traditional pineapple block and several variations are featured here in fresh, exciting colors and fabric choices. There are 13 dynamic quilt patterns for all skill levels. Comprehensive step by step diagrams and instructions for using the Pineapple Rule. Other patterns include place mats, paper-pieced pin cushion, key chains and pins. By Possibilities.
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That Patchwork Place Quilt Collection
This book contains 19 specially selected quilts from your favorite designers that will inspire creativity throughout the year! The designers are: Karla Alexander, Gayle Bong, Teri Christopherson, Cyndi Hershey, Nancy Mahoney, Nancy j Martin, Jo Parrott, Cynthia tomaszewski, and many more!
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Simple Strategies for block swap
This book helps you find step-by-step instructions for creating 15 scrap quilts. Also gives tips for starting a asuccessful block swap, including suggested block sizes, fabric choices, and more!
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W.O.W. Bags
This book contains something for every one! 9 projects included that range from cell phone cases up to grociery bags. By Jeanne L. Perrine
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Quilt Challenge
This book includes 8 different quilt challenges. Find block instructions as well as the authors' favorite techniques, tools and tips. By Sharyn Craig and Pamela Mostek.
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Three-Dimensional Embroidery
Develop your ideas from two into three dimensions. Make beautiful bags & boxes. Build geometric shapes or natural forms from flat pieces. Manipulate & distort fabric to create form & surface texture. By Janet Edmonds.
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Terrific Table Toppers W/P Lose
10 fast, fun and easy table toppers and placemats. Super-easy fused applique designs. Full-size patterns. Colorful designs for everyday, holidays and special celebrations. By Patrick Lose.
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Applique Petal Party
16 wonderful 12-1/2" bouquet blocks and floral border. Make a whole quilt or use one block at a time as pillows or wall hangings. Full-size, easy-to-use applique patterns. By Susan Brubaker Knapp.
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Hand & Machine Applique
Learn to add beautiful applique to any quilt by hand or machine. 7 quilts to get you started. 3 hand and 3 machine applique techniques. From Alex Anderson.
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Believing Tree
Instructions for making a quilt from the I Believe in Santa panel by Nancy Halvorsen and Art to Heart.
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