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Sometimes there is a question about the colors of certain fabrics. If you have a concern about it, please ask us to send you a swatch or you could order a fat quarter to verify the color. We try our best to get the colors as accurate as possible as we are taking the photos.

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Azalea Trail 224-M

I Am The Vine Wallhanging

Starburst PH653G




Early Birds Curlicue Plum - PWJS35

Paisley Pink

Serenity Basics 11928-01

Serenity 90062-C

Serenity Basics 21589-D

Abstract 1404060 Collection 1

Floral Oasis BTR6237 - Purple

Harvest Abundance 28057-777W

Changing Seasons GARD-04 Cherry

Little Black Dress Crm 30302-12

Garden of Dreams DREA-01 Indigo

Garden of Dreams DREA-03 Indigo

Garden of Dreams DREA-05 Green

Garden of Dreams DREA-06 Green

Garden of Dreams DREA-07 Beige

Garden of Dreams DREA-07 Indigo

Lakehouse 12107 White

Lakehouse 12144 White

Lakehouse 12126 Lime

Serenity 21866-705

Carpe Diem Fro-113/03/4

Barron Patchwork SB20189

Quilters Garden FWDQUG05-WT

Quilters Garden FWDQUG09-T

Palermo PWEM063-Blush

Palermo PWEM064 - Charcoal Zizzo

Palermo PWEM065 - Blush Botanica

Palermo PWEM066 -Charcoal Adela

Dotted Boulevard JAV-725

Animalia Splendor SFR-6710

Bloomery Citronelle DV-60021

Roots Dot Yellow C4154

Roots Main Print C4150

Roots Garden C4151 Coral

Bubbles BUBB-01 Magenta

Bubbles BUBB-01 Red

Just Dreamy 2 C4131 Pink

Just Dreamy 2 C4132 Pink

Just Dreamy 2 C4134 Pink

Just Dreamy 2 C4135 Cream

Multi Hearts 1240504-3

Green Ditsy Twig 1240505-2

White Floral 1240506-1

The Singin' 4141208-02

The Singin' 4141206-01

The Singin' 4141207-01

The Singin' 4141202-01

The Singin' 4141205-02

The Singin' 4141208-01

The Singin' 4141203-01

The Singin' 4141204-01

The Singin' 4141207-03

The Singin' 4141207-02

Summer Main C4440 Blue

Summer Paisley C4441 White

Summer Stars C4444 Red

Pieces Of Hope C3400 Blue

Pieces Of Hope C3402 Blue

Pieces Of Hope C3405 Blue

Pieces Of Hope C3404 Multi

Pieces Of Hope C3403 Orange

Watermark Large JN-C3700 Charcoal

Watermark LG JN-C3700 Cream

Winter Rain JN-C3701 Leaf

Watermark Sm JN-C3704 Brick

Watermark Sm JN-C3704 Brown

Watermark Sm JN-C3704 Gold

Watermark Sm JN-C3704 Yellow

Shimmering Water Dark JN-C3705 Turquoise

Jet Stream Jets-01 Forest

Jet Stream Jets-01 Teal

Restless Leaves Tone-01 Burgundy

Mini Dots Claret

Lots of Dots Red

Floral Chevron Bright Pink

Mixed Medley ZD-51345-001

Rainbow Garden ll Rain-20 Magenta

Rainbos Garden ll Rain-22 Orange

Shadow Dots Shad-12 Fuchsia

Shadow Dots Shad-12 Green

Shibori Tone-06 Forest

Swirl BCAR-06 Magenta

Swirl BCAR-06 Red

Swirl BCAR-06 Teal

Rippling Waves Tone-02 Black

Rippling Waves Tone-02 Cream

Cape Cod 10339-Blue

Cape Cod 10340 Multi

Cape Cod 10341 Red

Cape Cod 10342 Blue

Cape Cod 10342 Light Blue

Cape Cod 9844 White

Cape Cod Fat Quarter bundle

Cape Cod Charm Pack

Flight of Colors FLIG-11 White

Meadow Vines black C5652

Meadow Buds Green C5653

Meadow Words Blue C5656

Cotton Print 120-7342

Cotton Print 120-6423

Free Spirit PWDF189

Quartz Crackle Mauve

Salute Heartland 1DHEA1

Salute -Paradise 1DPAR1

Quiltessentials 16701Q

Quiltessentials 16702Q

Quiltessentials 16704Q

Quiltessentials 16705Q

Quiltessentials 16707Q

Quiltessentials 16708Q

Quiltessentials 16709Q

Quiltessentials 16710Q

Quiltessentials 16711Q

Quiltessentials 16742Q

Quiltessentials 16714Q

Quiltessentials 16719Q

Quiltessentials 16720Q

Winter Friends 472826709 MUL1

Winter Friends 472826710 MUL1

Winter Friends 472826714 DKGRE1

Glamping Gypsies TRO-1866-2

Glamping Gypsies TRO-1863-2

Glamping Gypsies TRO-1861-1

Glamping Gypsies TRO-1862-3

Apple Cider 00192 NE

Apple Cider 00193 NE

Apple Cider 00195 NE

Apple Cider 00197 NE

Apple Cider 00198 NE

Apple Cider 00199 W

Apple Cider 00200 W

Apple Cider 00201 W

Apple Cider 00202 W

Apple Cider 00203 W

Bordeaux 121/030

Les Papillons Embrace Magenta

Birdie Embrace Lilac

Maripoosa Embrace Multi

Solid Embrace Teal

Solid Embrace Cobalt

Solid Embrace Coral

Fundot Embrace Malibu

Aim High Embrace Teal

Champion Embrace Cobalt

Glamping Gypsies

Swirls Red Jim shore 62407

Patrick Lose Bubbly 63953

Euphoria 284 Multi Circles

Patrick Lose Bubbly Pink Grapefruit


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