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Jacobean Joyeux 01723-88
A great small, subtle stripe that would make a great accent piece. Imagine a border out of this! Shades of burgundy. From Benartex.
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Ref # Fab010146      $8.45 yd         Quantity:  

Liberty Village 13-33
Gold & tan tweed-look print.
Sale--was 6.95

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Ref # Fab011026      $3.00 yd         Quantity:  

Candy Brights II 63280-374
Blue, red, lime, white and orange stripes ranging from 1/8" to 1/2" in width. From South Sea Imports.
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Ref # Fab014584      $9.25 yd         Quantity:  

Delilah-Stripe TW37 Red
This pink, red, sky blue and white stripe fabric from Free Spirit is designed by Tanya Whelan. It has quarter inch pink stripes with thin red stripes in between and quarter inch sky blue stripes with white stripes on the sides of the blue stripes.This is a great coordinate to go with the Delilah Paisley.
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Ref # Fab021396      $10.95 yd         Quantity:  

Indian Summer C2613-Pink
This stripe runs parallel to the salvage and the colors are salmon, lime, rust, cream, and brown. By Riley Blake Designs.
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Ref # Fab023000      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Backcountry C2653 Brown Stripe
This fabric has 1/8th to 1/4th inch stripes of cream, golden tan and dark brown. Riley Blake Designs.
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Ref # Fab023020      $11.25 yd         Quantity:  

Jolly Snowmen Y0694-1 White
This fabric is a plaid made of dark lime green and Christmas red. By Sue Zipkin for Clothworks.

Ref # Fab023054      $10.95 yd         Quantity:  

Confetti Dots Cantaloupe
This fun fabric has a light orange background under a white polka dot overlay. By Dear Stella Designs
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Ref # Fab023292      $12.00 yd         Quantity:  

Sassy 17647-16
This fun striped fabric runs parallel to the selvages and alternates a 1/4" turquoise stripe with a 1/2" cream stripe containing an olive green string of dots surrounded by a wavy design. "Sassy" by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics.
Sale--was 11.25

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Ref # Fab023700      $7.00 yd         Quantity:  

Salt Air Deck Chairs - Summer 37027-15
This great stripe looks like it should be covering a chair at the beach. The stripes, which run parallel to the selvages, alternate a 3/4" stripe of dusty red, yellow, blue or green with a 1/4" stripe of light green with cream on either side. "Salt Air" by Cosmo Cricket for Moda Fabrics.
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Ref # Fab023857      $11.25 yd         Quantity:  

Dandelion Daydr II 8014-V
This great striped fabric runs on the bias. Stripes are the size of a simple line up to 5/8" wide in white, green, black, pink and violet. "Dandelion Daydream" by Maywood Studio, for EE Schenck Company.
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Ref # Fab023886      $11.75 yd         Quantity:  

Vintage Modern 55045-19 Melon
This fabric alternates 7/8" melon-colored stripes containing 1/16" white polka-dots with 3/4" white stripes containing melon-colored 1/16" polka-dots. Stripes run parallel to the selvages. "Vintage Modern" by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics.
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Ref # Fab024008      $11.25 yd         Quantity:  

Yankee Doodle BTR5934 Blue
This great fabric alternates ecru and navy blue 5/8" stripes running parallel to the selvages. From Blank Textiles, Inc.

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Ref # Fab024181      $9.95 yd         Quantity:  

Stitched Garden 8140102 #2 Pink
A pink fabric with a vertical rows of buttons, ric-rac and grosgrain ribbon to complete the design. The ribbons range from 1/4" to 5/8" and are lime green, turquoise and pink. the ric-rac is 1/4" in white and pink. The rows of buttons are 3/8" to 5/8" in white, pink, turquoise and brown. This would be a fun fabric used in a child's dress, pajamas, pillow case table runner or quilt. Combine with other fabric in the "Stitched Garden" collection. By Camelot Cottons.

Ref # Fab024890      $12.50 yd         Quantity:  

Jessica Stripe 6763 Pink
These bright stripes run horizontally on the fabric. The stripes vary from 1/16" to 3/8" in width.
The colors are turquoise, light blue, fuchsia, pink, light pink, yellow/gold, dark green, green and light green.
By Blank Quilting

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Ref # Fab026018      $12.25 yd         Quantity:  

Enchanted 5064-99
The colorful stripes on this fabric run horizontally. The small stripes have repeated white dots and the colors are black, red, lime green, orange, green, pink, lavender and white.
By Northcott Fabrics

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Ref # Fab026058      $12.25 yd         Quantity:  

Bohemian Roosters 44064-138
This fabric has a cream background with red, black and orange stripes running parallel to the selvage.
By Wilmington Prints

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Ref # Fab027250      $11.75 yd         Quantity:  

Fine & Dandy Stripe C4364 Blue
The stripes on this fabric run parallel to the selvage. Their colors are light blue, turquoise, olive green, light green, white, gray, yellow and gold.
By Riley Blake Designs

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Ref # Fab027253      $11.75 yd         Quantity:  

Outback 6197-11
The stripes on this fabric run parallel to the selvage. The colors are light green, brown, tan and cream. It is a coordinate to the green Outback fabrics in our store.
By Henry Glass & Co.

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Ref # Fab027294      $11.25 yd         Quantity:  

Sunset Symphony 60866-90
These stripes run horizontally with the selvage. The colors are orange cream, tan and green. The largest stripe is 1" wide and the smallest is 1/8" wide.
By Exclusively Quilters

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Ref # Fab027492      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Becolourful BC28Q
These stripes are 1/4" wide. Anthology Fabrics.
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Ref # Fab029562      $12.25 yd         Quantity:  

Filigree Stripe Dona-C4966 Gold
This stripe is in 2" widths. Timeless Treasures.
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Ref # Fab029835      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Plaid For The Holidays 82520-191
This diagonal red, black and ivory stripe is a coordinate to the Plaid For The Holidays collection.
By Wilmington Prints

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Ref # Fab029845      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Wildflower Meadow 2964-99
These rainbow colored stripes run horizontally to the selvage. This fabric is a coordinate to FAB030099 and FAB030100.
By Benartex

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Ref # Fab030101      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Stripe Red C495 Red
These 1/8" stripes are red and white.
By Riley Blake Designs

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Ref # Fab030260      $10.50 yd         Quantity:  

Side By Side 6840-88
This coral background has white dots all over. By Henry Glass & Co.
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Ref # Fab030440      $11.50 yd         Quantity:  

Carina C6506 Multi
These multi-colored stripes are part of the Carina collection.
By Timeless Treasures

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Ref # Fab030652      $11.75 yd         Quantity:  

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