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Christmas Elegance Full Collection

Winter Wonderland

Dinosaurs Home Decor

Tropical Fish Home Decor

The Hunt Home Decor

Shells Mini Collection

Lodge -- Home Decor

Halloween Full Collection

Country Angels Mini Collection

Christmas Whimsy

Beach Retreat Home Decor

Tween Cutie Home Decor


Anita's Lace Home Decor

Topiary Full Collection

Victorian Monogram Full Collection

Autumn Harvest Full Collection

Snowflakes Mini Collection

Daisies Mini Collection

Asian Mini Collection

Butterflies Lace Mini Collection

Jacobean Mini Collection

Poinsettia Wreath Full Collection

Country Wreaths Full Collection

Sparkly Snowmen Full Collection

Paisley Daze

Country Kitchen Full Collection

Wild West 44AGHD

Bridal Designs

Stuffed Animals 47AGHD

Snow Globes

Quilters Paradise

Big Cats Full Collection

The Reef

Cutwork Full Collection

Puzzle Lace Full Collection

Quilters Holiday

Dragonflies Mini Collection

Polar Bears Mini Collection 27MAGHD

Tropical Birds

Apples Mini Collection

Jolly Holliday

Quilt Feathers Mini Collection

Penguins and Puffins 57MAGHD


Coffee Mini Collection

Baby Aquarium

Baby Bugs

Baby Lullaby

Tea Party Baby - 11BAG

Baby Ducks

PJ's Summer Fun

Halloween Lace Full Collection

Puppies Baby

In the Hoop Halloween

Trick or Treat Full Collection

Fall Splendor

HO HO HO in the Hoop

Joy of Christmas In the Hoop

Baby Christmas

Poinsettia Swag Full Collection

Oh Christmas Tree In the Hoop

Audrey's Roses

Woodland 89MAGHD

Vintage Baby Mini Collection

Vintage Accessories In The Hoop

The Canterbury Vintage Collection

The Hemingway Collection

The Estate Vintage Collection

Wild West Companion 36MAGHD

Baby Construction 4BAG

Gift Card Holders 08AGPJ

Back to School In the Hoop

Snowman Dangler Mini Collection

The Wellington Collection

Snowmen For All Seasons 74AGHD

Lace Bookmarks 63MAGHD

Kittens Baby

Valentines In The Hoop

Travel Accessories In The Hoop

Designer Roses 75AGHD

Designer Roses II Fashion Collection

Flamingo Beach Mini Collection


More Travel Accessories In The Hoop

Asian Fusion Fashion

Vintage Borders Collection

Urban BoHo Designs 80AAGHD

Glamour Rocks Fashion Collection

Flower Power 05AGPJ

Patriotic Picnic 03AGPJ

Young at Heart In the Hoop

Banners In the Hoop

Poshabilities Fashion Collection

Cowboy Couture Fashion Designs

Neuveau Fashion Birds and Leaves Collection

Sugar and Spice Fashion Collection 86AGHD

Hummingbirds Fashion Collection

Strawberry Blossoms Mini Collection

In Bloom 64MAGHD

Fashion Paisley Collection

Charmed Life Full Collection

Fritillaria 1 Crown Imperial Mini Collection

Minky Christmas Bears

Christmas Fashion

Christmas Cutwork Vintage Collection

Ornaments In The Hoop

Christmas Cards In The Hoop

Fritillaria 2 Graeca Mini Collection

Ballerina Bears

Zoo Animals Baby

Falling Leaves Mini Collection

Crosses 70MAGHD

Fritillaria 4 Mini Collection

Fritillaria 3 Mini Collection

Autumn Cutwork Vintage Collection

Autumn Harvest 2 Full Collection

Oak Branch Tile Scene Bonus Collection

Jolly Holiday 3 Full Collection

Jewish Traditions Mini Collection

Christmas Elegance 2

Stained Glass Ornaments In The Hoop

Deck The Halls Vintage Collection

Nativity Scene Full Collection

Baby Ahoy

Snowflake Accessories In The Hoop 21AGPJ

Snow Fun

Quilter's Snowflakes

All Occasion Cards In The Hoop

Baseball Bears

Victorian Monogram 2 Vintage Collection

Birdhouses Full Collection

The Ascension 109AGHD

Daisy Accessories

Baby Bunnies

Baby Turtles

Nursery Quilt Full Collection

Return to Quilters Paradise Full Collection

Baltimore Quilt 110AGHD

Zen Garden Full Collection

Daisies 2

BBQ2 Bonus Collection

Butterfly Cutwork Vintage Collection

Baby Butterflies 2

Butterfly Quilt

Big Butterflies


Peacock Tile Scene 120AGHD

Peacocks 119AGHD

PeacocksCutwork 118AGHD

Baby Peacocks 29BAG

Shellscape 122AGHD

Dragonflies 2 121AGHD

Man Pack 76MAGHD

Baby Bible Stories 30BAG

Butterflies 19MAGHD

Holiday Bookmarks

Santa's Visit 124AGHD

Puffy Christmas Applique

Homespun Christmas 125AGHD

Skull Crazy Quilt 78MAGHD

Jumbo Halloween Applique

Pumpkin Crazy Quilt 79MAGHD

Trick or Treat Snowmen 80MAGHD

Harvest quilt 127AGHD

Turkey Crazy Quilt 83MAGHD

Sunflower Crazy Quilt 82MAGHD

Vintage Autumn Sampler 128AGHD

Tulips 11MAGHD

Santa For All Seasons 129AGHD

Winter Friends Tile Scene 132AGHD

Baby Penguins 32BAG

Owl Crazy Quilt 86MAGHD

Woodland 89MAGHD

Snowflakes 2 87MAGHD

Antique Days of the Week 88MAGHD

Baby Pandas 33BAG

Days Of Week Chores 90MAGHD

Dragon Tile Scene 133AGHD

Baltimore Blossoms 134AGHD

Asian Quilt 136AGHD

Holiday tea towels 91MAGHD

Baby Dinosaurs 34 BAG

Floral Cutwork 135AGHD

Lighthouses 49AGHD

Country Church Tile Scene 137AGHD

Seeing Double 25AGPJ

Southwestern Sand Art 139AGHD

Baby Owls 36BAG

Spring Quilt 138AGHD

Stitch Doodles 94MAGHD

Little Monsters 93MAGHD

Tiger Tile Scene 140AGHD

Cheerleading Petite ABPT02

Spring & Summer Bookmarks 26AGPJ

Let's Do Lunch 27AGPJ

Connecting Flowers 141AGHD

Pansies & Parasols 02AGSE

Fresh Fruit 08MAGHD

Americana 142AGHD

Quilt Labels 96MAGHD

Beach Tile Scene - 143AGHD

Happy Hour 95MAGHD

Baby's Sleeping 28AGPJ

Reindeer 98MAGHD

Christmas Village Tile Scene 144AG

Piglets 97MAGHD

Autumn Cutwork Medallions 123AGHD

Christmas Quilt 14AGHD

Vintage Free-Standing Leaves 77MAGH

Fantasy Birds Special Edition 03AGSE

Vintage Christmas Stockings

Baby Train 37BAG

Christmas Accessories 30AGPJ

Christmas Ribbons 147AGHD

The Twelve Days of Christmas Mini Collection

Christmas Fashion 3 Full Collection

Christmas Curls Mini Collection - 115MAGHD

Stuffed Christmas Ornaments 149AGHD

Oriental Daydream Special Edition

Geisha Special Edition

Realistic Flowers Full Collection

3D Flowers Mini Collection

Lord's Prayer Full Collection

Snow People 153AGHD

Pond Critters 103MAGHD

At the Zoo 104MAGHD

Modern Snowflakes 105MAGHD

Vintage Scarf Ends 102MAGHD

Asian Accessories 31AGPJ

Antique Butterflies 151AGHD

Song Birds 156AGHD

Vintage Bookmarks 106MAGHD

Vintage Scarf Ends 102MAGHD

Roosters - 157AGHD

Tassels Galore 01LM

Wine Country 158AGHD

Spring Curls 110MAGHD

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam 109MAGHD

Handstitched 159AGHD

Garden Gate Special Edition

Serenity Prayer

Horse Sketches




Tote-ally Tote-able

Jelly Roll Quilt Blocks

Crane Tapestry


Herb Garden

Letters to Santa - 166AGHD

Christmas Curls 2 Mini Collection - 115MAGHD

Keepsake Crazy Quilt Box 14PJ

Martha's Lace Angel 13LM

Sooo Big 26PJ

The Chameleon

Sweet Treats 116MAGHD

Thanksgiving Greetings

Connecting Autumn

Christmas Special Edition 08AGSE

Rose of Sharon - 171AGHD

Christmas Tree Skirt - 170AGHD

Seasonal Scarf Ends - 117MAGHD

Christmas Trees - 118MAGHD

Blanket Stitch Christmas Blocks - 174AGHD

Vintage Elegance

Nutcrackers - 172AGHD

Dimensional Flowers Mini Collection - 120MAGHD

Quilt for All Seasons "Winter" - 176AGHD

Prayer Garden - 09AGSE

Jelly Roll Bags Bonus Collection

Chic Travel Accessories - Proj03

Sunbonnet Sue in the Kitchen - Proj04

Sachets - Proj 06

Sew Fun - Proj 07

Baltimore Revisited 180AGHD

E-Reader Case - Proj 08

Patchwork Tote - Proj 05

Corners & Borders 182AGHD

The Rose - Special Edition 10AGSE

Foundations - Special Edition 11AGSE

Rachel's Recipes - PROJ 10

Zippy Bag - PROJ 09

Sweet Dreams PROJ12

Life's a Beach PROJ11

Dogs & Cats 184AGHD

The Great Outdoors 185AGHD

Shrinky Animals 125MAGHD

Frosty the Star Man 01PJ

Navajo Quilt - 188AGHD

Retro BBQ - PROJ 13

Blanket Stitch Baby - 189AGHD

Fringe Flowers - 126MAGHD

Dreamy Eye Masks - PROJ 15

Build-a-Wedding Ring Quilt - 05PJ

Trapunto Blocks - PROJ 14

Build-a-Blankie - 03PJ

Joy Boy - 31PJ

Bobbin Work - PROJ16

Butterflies & Bees - 191AGHD

Outer Space - 128MAGHD

Musical Instruments - 190AGHD

Funky Fish - 129MAGHD

Shrinky Flowers - Proj 17

Notebook Covers - Proj 18

Christmas Crazy Quilt Blocks - Proj 19

Christmas Napkins Corners - Proj 20

Floral Foundations 194AGHD

Sunbonnet Sue Christmas 130MAGHD

Free Motion Christmas 192MAGHD

Trapunto Christmas

Label This, Organize That! - PROJ 22

Autumn Splendor - PROJ 21

Halloween Mirror Blocks - 195AGHD

Halloween Quilt - 196AGHD

Pocket Purses - PROJ 23

Christmas Gift Tags - PROJ 24

Holiday Monogram - 198AGHD

Nativity 2012 - 197AGHD

Cupcakes - 132MAGHD

Classic Cutwork Blocks - 199AGHD

All That Jingles - 201AGHD

Dazzling Bracelets and Headbands - PROJ 26

Vintage Monograms - PROJ 25

Modern Free Motion

Primitive Snowmen

Perfect Paisley 204AGHD

Oodles of Doodles

Mystical Dragons

Cupcake Cozies

Tiny Toppers

Crazy Legs 32PJ

Dinner Is Served 09PJ

Tree-mendous x 2 22PJ

Seeing Double for Winter 19PJ

Cutwork corners project 29

Mini Quilts

Free Standing Lace

Victorian Quilt 207AGHD

Designer Animals 135MAGHD

Spring Blossoms 136MAGHD

Pop Art


Home Tweet Home

Hobo Handbag

Party Flags


Dot's and Daisies Font

He Loves Me

Have A Heart 34PJ

Merry Everything

May and More

Sport Fishing

Teapots 139MAGHD

Fresh Flowers 140MAGHD

Golden Tapestry 15AGSE

Reverse-A-Bowl PROJ33

Forest Friends PROJ36

Vinetage Postcards PROJ 35

Support the Troops 213AGHD

Pledge of Allegiance 212AGHD

Kaleidoscope Quilts 141MAGHD

Quilting Essentials PRE02

Vintage Bookmarks 106MAGHD

Crazy Quilt Shapes 214AGHD

Sports 143MAGHD

Mylar Bookmarks PROJ37

Door Decor PROJ38

Hoot! 144MAGHD

Fancy Flowers 40MAGHD

Napkin Corners 121MAGHD

Classic Trapunto 215AGHD

Horses 142MAGHD

Christmas Town 14AGSE

On the Beach 39MAGHD

Plant-A-Bloom 36PJ

Patchwork Galore

Little Charmer 46 PJ

Sock Monkey 145MAGHD

Memory Quilt 146MAGHD

Confetti Flowers 216AGHD

Serenity Garden 217AGHD

Mariner's Compass 16AGSE

Dress Up Time

Easter Extraordinaire

Lace Borders 147MAGHD

Stella Bag PROJ42

Anita's Card Holder PROJ41

Color Blocking Quilt 148MAGHD

Time In The Garden

Fancy Reflections

Rosemaling Christmas

Mylar Christmas

Merry and Bright

Christmas Pot Holders

Lace Ornaments

Primitive Christmas

Christmas Classics Premium Collection

Fleur De Lis

Entredeux Heirloom Collection

Mod Quilts

Shadow Work

Tissue Holder

Book Clutch

Shadow Work Zipper Bag Project 48

Hoop Pockets Project 47

Trapunto Notions

Blackwork Heirloom Collection

Entering Autumn

Fancy Feathers


Victorian Christmas

Christmas Reverse Cutwork

Confetti Holiday

Old Time Christmas Quilt

Drawstring Bag Project 50

Christmas Coasters Project 49

American Biker

Ready For Santa


Botanical Impressions

Eagles 154MAGHD

Crazy Quilt

Landscape Quilted Bags Project 51

Winter Hoops Project 52

Farm Country Quilt

Grecian Collection

Garden Gnomes

Jewelry Roll Project 54

Pin Cushion Project 53

Blackboard Bags Project 55

Towel Toppers Project 56

Crazy Quilt Letters

Confetti Spring & Summer

Subway Tile Quilt

Geometric Cutwork

Reverse Applique'

African Safari Quilt

Manly Minis

AE Primitive Garden

Fancy Frames Project 57

Mug Rugs & Coffee Wraps Project 58



AE Ornamental Bonus Pack


Landscape Cases Project 59

Cutwork Inlays Project 60

Beautiful Blocks & Borders PRE05

Rosemaling Quilt

Honeycomb Quilt 244AGHD

Charlotte's Flowers 243AGHD

Seed Packets 168MAGHD

Free Motion Animals 169MAGHD

Seasonal Pot Holders Project 62

Mad About Plaid Project 61

Build-A-Honeycomb 59PJ

Foxes 245AGHD

Candle Wraps 170MAGHD

Ombre Flowers

AE Shells 171MAGHD

Centerpiece Project 64

Utensil Holders Project 63

Nursery Rhymes Special Edition 18AGSE

Toile Tile Scene Special Edition 19AGSE

Beetle Blossoms 247AGHD

Birds -- Embroidered Additions 172MAGHD

American Landmarks 248aghd

Hawaiian Quilt 173MAGHD

Roll Up Tote PROJ 65

Invisible Bag PROJ66

Ornamental Christmas AE

Holiday Felt Gift Tags

Hand Stitched Christmas

Dot The Halls

Christmas Quilt Labels

Embroidered Holiday Cards

Stabilizer Tags PROJ70

Carol's Doodles 251AGHD

Indigo Quilt 252AGHD

Terrariums 254AGHD

Patchwork Pups 253AGHD

Blossom Bag PROJ69

Rustic Leaves 176MAGHD

Clementine Monogram

On-Point Autumn 256AGHD

Fall Traditions 257AGHD

Spooky Faces Project 17

Vintage Halloween Bags Project 72

Halloween Town 21AGSE

Gilded Christmas 260AGHD

Bottle Aprons Project 73

Landscape Christmas 151MAGHD

Paper Piecing Christmas 261AGHD

Alpine Holiday Stockings Project 74

Christmas Blocks & Borders

Sun Catchers PROJ 78

Into The Wild 267AGHD

Hunt Club 268AGHD

Sew Many Patches Project 77

Under The Sea 265AGHD

Bloomin' Tote 65PJ

Seasonal Corners & Borders 271AGHD

Angels 185MAGHD

Mr. & Mrs. 184MAGHD

Untraditional Quilt Blocks 270AGHD

Anita's Sampler PRPL03


Noah's Ark 8BAG

Les Fleurs 22AGSE

Nature Sketches 272AGHD

Feathers 186MAGHD

Vintage Easter 187MAGHD

Seasonal Napkin Corners PROJ82

Embroidered Cards PROJ81

Hoop Letter Holders Project 83

Book Huggers Project 84

Crazy Stitch Quilt 275AGHD

Monogram Frames & Borders 188MAGHD

Heirloom Monograms 273AGHD

Inspirational Blackboard Quilt 274AGHD

Cupcake Princess 277AGHD

Let's Go Camping 278AGHD

Hipster 189MAGHD

Mask-Grr-Ade Project 86

Pawket Purse Animals Project 85

Anita's Playhouse PRPL04

Springtime Sparkle

Rectangle Tissue Box Covers Project 88

Crazy Stitch Keychain Bags Project 87

Wildlife Prisms 190MAGHD

Floral Wreaths 281AGHD

Floral Sprays 280AGHD

Periodic Table of Q & E PRE07

Towel Tips and Toppers Project 90

Floral Vases 283AGHD

Food For Thought 282AGHD

That's A Wrap! Handle Covers Project 89

Mandala Madness 191MAGHD

Celtic 291AGHD

Fiesta Flowers 288AGHD

Dinosaurs, Sharks & Stuff 289AGHD

Autumn Votive Bags Project 94

Majestic 3D Birds 23AGSE

Shop Hop Quilt 300AGHD

Birds of a Feather 195MAGHD

Floral Hearts 194MAGHD

Early Bird Organizer PROJ99

Countdown to Christmas PROJ100

Ugly Christmas Sweaters 299AGHD

The Old Frontier 302AGHD

Townhouse Quilt 196MAGHD

Rooster Scenes 304AGHD

Bibs That Go Roar! PROJ103

The Perfect Sewing Room

Four Seasons 24AGSE

Coasters & Wine Charms PROJ105

Vintage Circus 308AGHD

Colorful Creatures 307AGHD

Drunkard's Path 199MAGHD

Napkin Corners & Rings 197MAGHD

Reverse Applique Fashion 309AGHD

Porcelain Blocks 311AGHD

Book Corners PROJ107

Lace Charms PROJ110

Create Your Own Fabric Strips PROJ109

Heirloom Flowers 316AGHD

Landscape Silhouettes 315AGHD

Double Wedding Ring Quilt 314AGHD

Nail Art 313AGHD

Quilting 1,2,3 PRE09

Towel Ends PROJ112

Secret Garden 319AGHD

Sugar Skulls 320AGHD

Wave Quilt 318AGHD

Venetian Masks PROJ111

Horse Tile Scene 317AGHD

Countryside Tile Scenes 26AGSE

Radial Quilting 25AGSE

Razzle Dazzle 321AGHE

Wildcats 322AGHD

Grace 323AGHD

Heather Bouquets 324AGHD

Barn To Be Wild PROJ113

Toilet Paper Caddy PROJ114

Around The World Travel Accessories PROJ116

Ornamental Peacocks 326AGHD

Fabric Strip Christmas PROJ115

Inspirograph Quilt 200MAGHD

Fireside Santa Tile Scene 328AGHD

Christmas Critters 327AGHD

Flowers 1,2,3 PRE10

Gingerbread Village 337MAGHD

Color Me With Stitches 336AGHD

Regal Poinsettias 333AGHD

The Nutcracker 206MAGHD

Away In A Manger PROj117

Zipper Bags 1,2,3 32AGSE

Christmas 1,2,3 29AGSE

Negative Space 338AGHD

Quiet Oasis 340AGHD

Toile De Jouy 341AGHD

Romantic Silhouettes 339AGHD

Fashion Figures 342AGHD

French Cafe 207MAGHD

Bargellissimo II PRE11

Authentic Americana 343AGHD

Aquarium 201MAGHD

Little Adventure 330AGHD

Como Se LLama 329AGHD

Unicorns 325AGHD

Treasures of the Sea 202MAGHD

Blushing Impressions 331AGHD

Fairy Tails 27AGSE

These Boots Were Made For Stitchin' 348AGHD

Wreaths For All Seasons 352AGHD

Cut It Out 351AGHD

The Powder Room 350AGHD

Artful Aviary 349AGHD

Blue Paisley 344AGHD

Fashion 1,2,3 PRPL09

Out of This Swirl 354AGHD

Pocket Full of Stitches 357AGHD

Trad. Unique Quilt blocks 209MAGHG

Artistic Arrangements 355AGHD

3D Cactus Scenes PROJ120

Floral Corners 353AGHD

Fashion Explosion 2 34AGSE

Kid's Patches 360AGHD

Lace Necklaces 356AGHD

Racetrack Pplaymat 359AGHD

Floral Animals 361AGHD

Floral Reverse Applique 382AGHD

Cosmetic Creations 362AGHD

Embroidery As Art 35AGSE

Fashion Figures 2 368AGHD

Floral Monogram 367AGHD

Animal Alphabet 358AGHD

Game Night Trio 365AGHD

Porcelain Tiles 364AGHD

Tropical Flowers 366AGHD

Witchy Welcome PJ

Fit To Be Tied 83PJ

Perpetual Calendar 36AGSE

Hello Baby 369AGHD

Flourishing Flowers 370AGHD

Peruvian Blooms 372AGHD

Envelope Clutches 371AGHD

Patchwork Petal Quilt 373AGHD

Classic Cameos 374AGHD

Jewelry Bowls 49EXP

Book Club Bookmarks 50EXP

Pocket Pillows 51EXP

Seasonal Icon Scenes PRE12

Seasonal Icon Scenes PRE12

Village Quilt 376AGHD

A Bud's Life 377AGHD

Animal Bags PROJ122

Up, Up, And Away 375AGHD

Anita Slice PROJ121

CrewelWork Canvas 378AGHD

My True Love Gave To Me 210MAGHD

Christmas Arrangements 379AGHD

3D Gingerbread House PROJ123

Moroccan Quilt 380AGHD

Endless Summer 381AGHD

Stitching & Stationery 39AGSE

A Sunday Afternoon 384AGHD

Greenhouse Treasures 382AGHD

Hexagon Quilt 385AGHD

Ragged Edge Applique 383AGHD

Pop-Up Petals 211MAGHD

Hoop Clocks PROJ124


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